Love Doll

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To be very clear, this pack contains explicit adult content. It is not safe for work and not appropriate for minors!

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Your model would rather try his fantasies on a Love Doll? Now you have the chance, let all your fantasies out on a Love Doll.

Depending on the addons you have for Genesis 8 Female, you can even make a Futa Love Doll and let your models ride it.

All tested addons were also mentioned and shown in the pictures, also I wrote a tutorial how to use the addons correctly.

The Love Doll comes with 18 shaders, but you can also use your own shaders or edit the existing shaders, e.g. more glossy or less glossy.

Character / Prop:

  • 1 Love Doll (based on Genesis 8 Female)

Material Presets:

  • 2 Aluminium Material Presets
  • 1 Copper Material Preset
  • 1 Gold Material Preset
  • 1 Midnight Blue Material Preset
  • 2 Silver Material Presets
  • 2 Glass Material Presets
  • 7 Plastic Material Presets
  • 1 Sunburst Material Preset
  • 1 Wax Material Preset

Total 18 Material Presets


  • Love Doll Apply Morph
  • Love Doll Remove Morph
  • Love Doll Navel Apply Morph
  • Love Doll Navel Remove Morph
  • Love Doll Nipples Apply Morphs
  • Love Doll Nipples Remove Morphs


5 tutorials are available in the software for following addons:

  • Futalicious by Meipe
  • Golden Palace by Meipe
  • Headlights by Meipe
  • New Genitalia for V8 by 3feetwolf
  • Official G8F Genitalia by Daz3D
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Love Doll

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