Staying The Night 2 [EN]

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To be very clear, this pack contains explicit adult content. It is not safe for work and not appropriate for minors!

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German Version of this Comic:

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Jessy wakes in the apartment (and the arms!) of her new friend Sarah. But of course, a night of endless sex makes her want a morning of the same. But Jessy can’t help but feel she’s excluded her best friend Delphi. She calls her over so they can meet properly. Will Delphi and Sarah be compatible, or will they not like each other and force Jessy to make a heart-wrenching choice between the two?

Story Writer:

D, the writer of Staying The Night 1 is back on board and has written a great new story for part 2.

Some features for this comic:

  • Comic bubbles are colored.
  • Colored sound effects
  • Character Sheet
  • Bulge action


What's Included:

  • 89 high-quality images in JPG format [Comic Version]
  • 89high-quality images in JPG format [Textless Version]
  • 18 high-quality images in PNG format [Bonus Images]
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Staying The Night 2 [EN]

1 rating